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Secret Method For How To Stop Cat Spraying or Marking In Your House

Are you fed up with your cat spraying problem? Do you want to find out about how to stop a cat from spraying?

If your answer to above questions is YES, then you have reached to the right page. In this website, you will find about how to stop cat spraying and improve your bonding with your cat.

Cat Spraying vs UrinatingCats can be ideal pets for several reasons. They are clean, affectionate, flexible in their care needs, they don’t need to be walked, and more importantly, they are quiet and less aggressive than dogs. It takes less to maintain them, and they can be easily trained to use a litter box.

However, many cat owners don’t understand their cat’s elimination problems. Most cats end up in the shelter because of their inappropriate elimination problems.  Although there can be medical and physiological problems for the litter box avoidance but most of the time their owners fail to understand their cats’ need.

Litter box training is very easy because cats have natural tendency to bury waste and they usually don’t urinate outside the litter box until something is wrong. Beside medical reasons, there are other many reasons for your cats to urinate outside the litter box such as certain type of box, the inappropriate position of the litter box, too few litter boxes, stress or anxiety and many others.

If your cat is starting urinate all over the house, then you have to solve these problems. One expert said

Cat uses elimination as a communication – a kind of pee-mail

Cat only speak in the language she knows. It depends on you how you translate it and understand the problem. This is where you can take help from this website.

Punishing your cat will never solve your problem. It will only worsen things. If you have a cat in your house, it is your duty to provide a clean and safe place to her.

How This Website Can Help You?

Inside this website, we will try our best to provide every tool and understanding about how to stop cat spraying.

You will learn about different types of litter boxes, best size and types of the box for your cat needs, where you should locate your litter box, how often you need to change your litter box and how to control odor to prevent litter box problem before it happens.

We will cover methods for cleaning urine strain, and more importantly, we will talk about reasons for litter box problems such as behavioral, medical, environmental, and territorial.

Ok, let’s start

Cat With Bathroom Issues:

Cat Litter BoxOne of the most frustration cat-behavior challenges is inappropriate elimination. The sad news is, this is the leading cause of cats surrendered to local shelter houses. The good news is, most of the time this problem can easily be corrected. Sometimes it takes extra work but our little cat companion worth the extra work that takes to fix their problem so they can stay with us instead of surrendering it to local shelter house.

Cats have reasons for their behavior issues and litter-box issue is not their fault, they should not be punished for it. They are only responding to the medical or environmental problems that are occurring in their world.

Most of the time poor litter-box management are the reason for cat’s elimination problem that can easily fixed. The causes of their behavior problems need to be identified to correct the behavior problem with the combination of environmental, management and behavioral problems.

Medical and Hormonal Triggers:

Before determining the behavioral problem or thinking about how to stop cat spraying, it is important to take your cat to the veterinarian. You should keep a vet visit to the top of the list because you need to make sure there is no medical problem that is making your cat spray outside the litter box. Sometimes medical problems can be life-threatening and painful.

Some medical diseases that can make a cat spray are kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections, thyroid disease and many more. Some medical problems for defecation outside are diarrhea, inflammation, constipation and other few other medical problems.

Hormonal Problems:

My Lovely CatHormonal changes can be one of the reasons for cats to start spraying outside that is the reasons you have to get your cat spayed or neutered. For those who don’t know, spaying and castration are the surgical procedure usually performed by a veterinarian to remove the reproductive organs.

Female cats are spayed, their uterus and ovaries are removed in this process. Male cats are castrated – both testicles are removed in this process. Spying or castrating doesn’t negatively affect cat’s personality but the operation does make them less noisy and more affectionate. It is usually seen that male cats don’t pick up a fight with female cats if they are allowed to roam outside.

Spayed and Castrated cats usually live longer and healthy. Spaying decreases the risk of uterine and ovarian disease and greatly decreases mammary cancer and breast tumor in female cats.

Management And Behavioral Triggers:

Poor litter-box management and inadequate clean-up of litter box can trigger liter-box aversion. Neighborhood cats can be another problem. Besides that, relationship problems such as intercat aggression and introducing new cats can cause your cat to mark territory.

Cat Behavioral TriggersToo many cats in the small area can also trigger litter-box problems. Additionally, tension or stress are also big contributors to litter-box issues in the cat. Sometimes, change of house location can make cat threatened. Even moving new sofa or furniture can make a cat stop using the litter box.

Although these are some of the common triggers, but you should consider consulting a certified cat-behavior expert to find the actual reason if the situation seems unsolvable. However, you can try some of the methods you learn about how to stop cat spraying before taking your cat to the professional vet.

Good Litter-Box Management:

Bad litter-box management can be top reasons for litter-box issues, but this can easily addressed. Sometimes changing litter box location or changing your habit can solve the problem.

It is important for us to think about your cats’ best interest when you set up their restroom. Many people think cats want privacy that is why they put the litter box in a closet or shower. Sometimes people provide covered litter boxes to their cat.

Synthetic Pheromone Diffusers:

These days, there are many plug-in synthetic pheromone diffusers are available that release a synthetic pheromone into the air. This help in reducing cat’s stress. The pheromones are natural cat pheromone, and they considered as cat-friendly.

Cat owners think these diffusers are the magic solution to stop spraying problem. However, they work best only when they used with behavior and management modification.

Companies provide an instruction manual on how to use these diffusers for maximum results.

Stop Cat Spraying

Final Thoughts:

Cats are amazing pets, and if they start spraying outside the litter box, then there must be a reason behind it. Instead of punishing your cat, you have to deal this matter with the information, tips, tricks mentioned above.

The aim of creating this site is to equip you with all the tools and information that you need to know about how to stop cat spraying. I hope the above information will help you in fixing your cat’s litter-box problem.